Company Profile

Armana Holding AS is a holding and investment company. The company has interests in business that spans multiple industries, including IT & Telecom, ICT security, trade, real estate and investments. The company was founded in 2006 with the conversion to a holding company in Q1 2014. Armana Holding AS has with its participation contributed to increase profitability and sales in a number of companies.

Investment Stragety

We invest in companies with demonstrated earnings potential and strong management teams who are attracted to our long-term investment horizon. We are a diverse group of businesses that share common goals and values, each with its own identity and work culture. We are concerned that businesses we invest in will safeguard their management and their governance.

Business Areas


A leading consultancy company focusing on advanced network and security technology.

Gateprotect AG

A leading global IT security vendor of IT security solutions “made in Germany”.

Voda Naturalna

An exclusive brand of bottled water from Poland with international sales.

SSA Eiendom

Norwegian real estate company focusing on real estate development.

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